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Wood Stone

Wood Stone offers the finest and most complete line of Stone-Fired cooking equipment in the world with features like single piece high temperature and quality ceramic are applied to the most popular Gas Pizza Oven .The deep heat sink ceramic formulation that has made our ovens famous is also a key ingredient in our char-broilers, tan-door ovens and solid fuel rotisseries. 

Wood stone has become major equipment for all Piazza Theater Kitchen. The uniqueness of wood stone pizza oven designs with traditional function along with a façade that can be done with different choice of materials makes it a popular choice.

The wood stone pizza oven is designed with many advanced and unique functions which are summarized as 10 key Points of Difference:  The materials used are proprietary and the manufacturing techniques are absolutely unique. Wood stone domes have more thermal headspace, offering Infra-Red under floor burners, are more space efficient and there are more standard options than any other manufacturer