Thermco Asia - Commercial Kitchen Specialist

Established in September 1999 Thermco Asia specializes in providing consultancy & contracting services for catering facility design with years of experience with fine dining restaurants, show kitchens, buffets, food courts, food factories, chain stores, hospitals, cafes and hotels. We have also expanded our consultancy business in China where we have strong insight into the market trends and a thorough understanding of Government regulations from Health and FEHD (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department)

As a kitchen contractor for professional kitchens and food beverage facilities, we supply custom-made equipment and stainless steel items which are suited to the specific needs and budget of the Client. With highly qualified engineers to provide accurate E&M information to the Client, they are well acquainted with how to coordinate with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and are fully familiar with International Building Codes for commercial kitchens.

With extensive hands on experience, we have long ago mastered refrigeration techniques and cold room systems that allow us to guide our clients in the construction of aesthetically pleasing wine cellars through the fundamental principle of engineering, architectural and refrigeration systems involved in building a top level wine cellar.

Our staff has proven itself over the years and has strong track records in the food service industry. They have shown themselves to offer only the best work to the highest standards all supported by after sales service that has helped Thermco build its unsurpassed reputation. We are proud to have contributed around 250 million HK dollars to the Food & Beverage facilities business in Hong Kong during the past years.

We are also partners with many reputable international food and beverage equipment brands. After many years of business operations, we deeply understand and have great knowledge of each equipment brand. Thermco's professional staffs are always on the cutting edge regarding technology and the latest product developments. Our technical staff and engineers are updated constantly on the latest methods and products via formal training and constant discussion with international suppliers. Our clients gain from our expertise and informed professionals who are confident in their craft.



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