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OLIS is a company with a long and well-established image of reliability and quality in the foodservice equipment industry. The Company was established in 1972 and has achieved success through technological innovation and commercial dynamism. The manufacturing plant, located in the Province of   Belluno, in the Veneto  region of Italy extends over an area of 45,000 sq.m.  The net turnover was forecast at 40 million euro in 2004. OLIS confirms its consistent commitment to quality through continuous growth and strong expansion in the international marketplace.

The OLIS product lines range from cooking to refrigeration, from washing to food preparation, and are designed and manufactured by following precise quality criteria. Investments in  research and development have enabled the company to improve the yield of materials and optimize product performance. Refrigeration equipment is tested in climatic chambers where temperature and humidity are artificially controlled to simulate the actual conditions in which the appliances will be operating. Tests are performed at 43°C (109,4° F) ambient temperature and 50% relative humidity.