Thermco Asia - Commercial Kitchen Specialist

For more than 80 years Molteni's small factory has manufactured unrivalled masterpieces, just like an artist's workshop. Molteni ranges are the ones that make Europe's and the worlds great restaurants truly great. A Molteni is a product of rare beauty and modernity despite years of history behind it.

The Molteni range in fact belongs to the past in its taste for the "hand-crafted" look  achieved with the precision and sartorial flair of a fashion designer, but also to the future, thanks to construction techniques still unsurpassed today.

Another motto consistently applied to the Molteni is that no two appliances are the same. This, because each one is studied and designed together with the chef who will use it thus reflecting the chef's personal tastes and preferences.

Each project begins like a conversation between friends, a useful exchange of ideas where the chef brings all his desires and expertise into focus. The designers draft a design which is then brought to life by the expert hands of highly skilled craftsman.