Thermco Asia - Commercial Kitchen Specialist

As the leader in the Japanese food equipment industry, Fujimak's goal is to globally support the rapidly growing and diversifying food service industry. They have aggressively pursued and overcome new challenges such as the systemization of kitchens and energy efficiency. Fujimak’s business is expanding in a broad range of industries wherever food is supplied, including luxury and business hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, central kitchen, airline catering, cruise ship kitchen facilities and food processing factories.

Fujimak also supplies and provides a complete range of kitchen equipment for Japanese Cuisine, the equipment is designed to suit the special design of Japanese kitchens. Fujimak’s Tempura fryer is very popular and  has been chosen in many Japanese Restaurants. With Fujimak Tempura fryer, you can control the temperature of the oil you are able to set up the temperature even though cooking with a pan. In addition all Fujimak products are designed for easy use based on ergonomics. Naturally, Fujimak core product design is centered upon reliability under harsh environments for commercial use

In the future, Fujimak will continue to be at the center of the rapidly expanding food service industry. Their motto has always been "to value communication with our customers above all else" and their  goal is to grow together with our customers.