Thermco Asia - Commercial Kitchen Specialist

The Autec commercial sushi-related food processing machines were developed combining high-precision processing and control technology with innovative ideas. If you are considering not only labor savings but also high quality products and services, the AUTEC equipment lineup will absolutely satisfy your needs. Autec Sushi Machines offer many advanced & unique features such as:

• High performance and flexible operation
• Stable and consistent quality rice balls

• Automatic rice ball placement function
• Wasabi dispensing function etc. etc.

Hygiene is an important consideration in today’s modern restaurant as are labor costs and the Autec Sushi machines higher capacity of production and efficiency significantly reduces your labor cost and space with compact and small equipment while providing hygienic results.

Autec manufactures only the highest quality, compact yet sophisticated machines by hand providing you with first-class, professional long lasting products backed by top technical assistance.